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How to hack Zombie Cafe (Unlimited Toxins)

Posted on : 11-01-2012 | By : ntlnta001 | In : Easy Ways To Make Money Online

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A little diffrent from the usual cod videos but this video is on how to hack a iPhone/iPad app. It works out to be you get about Million worth of toxins for free so just follow what I did in the video. Text Tutorial: Zombie Cafe Hack (Toxin, Money and Level) First thing you need to do is download this file: www.filesonic.com Then extract it to your desktop. Then Plug in your iPod, iPhone or iPad (Works on all) Once you have done that what you need to do is make sure Itunes is closed and Zombie Cafe is fully closed (as in its closed from the multitask bar aswell) Once you have done that you now need to open up Iphone Exploer and go to: Apps/com.capcommobile.zombiecafe/Library/Preferences and right click on the file called: com.capcommobile.zombiecafe and then delete it. Then drag the save file you downloaded into where you deleted the other one from. Now all you have to do is just close Iphone Exploer and open up Zombie Cafe and you should have: 99999999 Cash, 99999999 Toxin and be level 20. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions just comment.
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Comments (25)

i did this but i have no recipes from 1 to 19 , only recipes from lvl 20 and? up

oh my god it works. thanks NandeHD? :D

@DryBones3363 When you double click the home button it shows? all apps that are currently open.

whats? the multi-tasking bar? and where?

Hey everyone? if it doesnt work download quicktime player

i think you? neee to get quicktime player

Can somebody please help me?iphone explorer has encountered a user defined breakpoint. Does anybody know what is wrong??

@TheRaine44 No problems? mate.

thank you? so much! quite helpful =)

@RUN3T00TH Hmm you could try finding a different download? for it. Try searching on Google or something.

the? iphone explorer didnt work i keep trying to undo and wonloading it again but same result came up

@TheHakkeyoi NandeHD?

@ljlegoguns NandeHD?

Just use the new file in the description it has no password.? Otherwise the password to the old download link is; NandeHD

what the passcode?

song? names?

the password??

do i need to have the update and? if so witch one

nvm i know the problem, you need? the newest version of itunes AND quicktime, also .net framework4, it fixed mine :D

says iphone explorer is not? responding

I? would backup my old save file b4 doing this

i followed? all steps, but it just expanded but i didn’t get any toxin or cash.
what i have to do?

Thanks. Worked?

@maniacalkevo That’s your? computers fault. Try closing other programs so it doesn’t lag then crash?

says iphone explorer not responding and? closes it

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